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Sun 07.15
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Genre: Latin Rock  
Doors: 6:00 PM
Showtime: 8:00 PM
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Los Angeles-based La Santa Cecilia is a Latin group that draws inspiration from all over the world, utilizing Pan-American rhythms from cumbia, bossa nova, rhumba, bolero, and tango and marrying them to rock, soul, R&B, ska, jazz, and klezmer.

La Santa Cecilia (named for the patron saint of musicians) was formed in 2007 as a sextet. Its founding members were guitarist Gloria Estrada, accordionist and requintero Pepe Carlos, bassist Alex Bendaña, percussionist Miguel "Oso" Ramirez, drummer Hugo Vargas, and lead vocalist Marisol "La Marisoul" Hernandez. Its members were either born in or brought to the United States when they were very young. While they all grew up with traditional forms of Latin music at home, they were also exposed to the sounds of American pop culture: rock, soul, blues, jazz, funk, punk, ska, reggae, and other world sounds that played freely on the airwaves and in neighborhoods. They performed at block parties, bars, coffee houses, and the occasional opening gig for out-of-town acts and at festivals.

The band recorded its self-titled debut EP in 2009. Aside from terrific songwriting and performances, the CD package revealed something else that was different about this group: they wanted to be part of their community. They sponsored "painting parties" where they would play and design and hand paint their CD covers with friends and fans, using materials that ranged from recycled newsprint to wrapping paper to card stock and more. No two covers were alike and were therefore art objects. Local notice spread about the group's music, and they received local airplay and were able to play more shows and festivals. Their incendiary live performances garnered them a fanatic fan base, and music from the EP was eventually featured in the cable series Weeds, in the documentary film Re-Encounters (about Oaxacan artist Alejandro Santiago), and elsewhere. -AllMusic

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