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Sat 11.24
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Poultry in Motion: A Burlesque Show Most Fowl

Genre: Burlesque  
Doors: 7:00 PM
Showtime: 9:00 PM
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Twisted Knickers presents:

Poultry in Motion: A burlesque show most fowl

Saturday, Thanksgiving weekend we give you the all bird-related burlesque show – Poultry in Motion: A burlesque show mot fowl. You'll see chickens, swans, orioles, birds of prey and birds of paradise, and maybe a cracked egg or two. It doesn't matter if you prefer, legs, thighs or breasts, this show has everything you desire in the variety bucket and maybe even a biscuit to sop it all up.

Led by Emcee Hot Todd Lincoln, we present the following hot chicks and strutting cocks:

Tapitha Kix

Maria Bella

Dorian Bae and Morgan Latte

Caza Blanca

Bella la Blanc

Lipstick LaMarr

The cast of Honeybee Burlesque 

Stage Wrangler Dirk Hamfist

Let’s face it. After two days of dealing with your family, you’ll be ready to get out of the house. We’ll save you a seat at the grownups' table. 

You must be 18 or over to enter unless accompanied by your parent. Valid ID required.  

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